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Battery Recycling

Where to Recycle Batteries in San Antonio, TX

Everyone has batteries, but what happens to the old ones when they finally die out? If you are like most people, your old batteries either end up in a junk drawer or thrown out with the rest of the trash. Unfortunately, this is not the way to deal with them. As batteries sit around, they can start to corrode, leaking acid that can cause serious burns which are harmful to you and to the environment.

Battery Recycling San Antonio, TX

Battery Recycling helps Recondition Batteries for Affordable Used Batteries!

Where can i recycle my batteries? Right here at Rio Battery Company! We are an experienced battery recycling company that will buy used batteries by the pound, ensuring they are properly disposed of and recycled while adding a little extra money to your wallet. Don’t just throw dead batteries into a drawer or worse, into your trash can. Bring them to us where you can make a little money and feel good knowing they are properly handled. Call today for more details on how and where to recycle batteries!

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