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About Us

About Us

Battery Recycling Center in San Antonio, TX

Rio Battery Company is dedicated to providing people throughout the San Antonio, TX area with dependable service for their battery-based needs. We understand what a negative impact batteries can have – both on your budget and on the environment. This is why we decided in 1995 to help. We are able to recondition used batteries, bringing them back to life and allowing you to get dependable power without the heavy price tag. We can also test car batteries to determine whether it is in need of replacement, or if you may need new cables. We are battery specialists who will work diligently to meet or exceed your expectations.

Where To Recycle Batteries San Antonio, TX

20 Years of Service for Battery Disposal and More

Rio Battery Company is also dedicated to protecting our environment, which is why we will safely and effectively dispose of your batteries, even recycling them for prolonged use and life. By bringing your batteries to us, you will become our partners in protecting the environment, while also putting a little extra cash in your pocket. For more details, please give us a call!

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